Our Services

Advocacy: informing and assisting you in advocating for yourself or speaking on your behalf. Providing support and assistance in manuevering through the various systems you may be involved with.

Mentoring: assisting with development of short and long term goals.

Mediation: to intervene as a neutral party on your behalf to work through conflict that arise with service providers.

Alternative Counseling:  Non-traditional Individual and family counseling using the mentoring model

Workshops: to host, sponsor, or co-sponsor workshops and groups that address parenting skills, life skills, working with child welfare and social service agencies in the community, and domestic violence.

Outreach: to provide services to families from the community and provide assistance in collaboration with other service providers.

3rd Party/Supervised Visits: coordinate and supervise visits with clients whose children are in placement and/or involved in a custody battle.

The Family Table Group sessions: group sessions address parenting skills, domestic violence, relationships, life skills, budgeting, short & long term goals.

Anger Management Group: group for teens and adults to help them deal with anger issues and the consequences and how to channel their anger into a positive outcome.

Financial Literacy Training for youth who are aging out of the child welfare system.

Couples Counseling: focuses on healthy relationships, communication, and the importance of trust and honesty in a marriage or partnership.

Life Skills Training for Adults and Teens: focuses on helping participants establish the necessary skills needed to become self-sufficient. This includes the ability to find the necessary resources in the community to sustain themselves and their families.

Parenting: focuses on child development, developmental stages of children, discipline, parenting pre-adolescents and adolescents, and the importance of providing a safe and loving environment for their children.

Utilization of FACC facility when available for community meetings and workshops.